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The Faber Catholic Primary School

'Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy'

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs L.J Machin -Principal and Class 4 teacher (Years 5 & 6)

Mrs J. Riley Class 3 (Years 3 & 4)

Miss N Clewes Class 2 (Years 1 & 2)

Mrs K. Harrison Class 1 (Years Reception and Nursery) and SENDCo


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Norbury (maternity leave)

Mrs Derricott

Mrs Gerrard (Maternity leave)

Mrs Rushton

Mrs K Render


Mrs J Baylay Office Manager


Lunchtime assistants:

Mrs B Norbury (maternity leave)

Mrs T Rushton

Miss L Cartwright

Mr N Harrison


Breakfast club and ASC:

Mrs B Norbury (Maternity leave)

Miss L Cartwright

Mrs T Rushton



Picture 1 Mrs J. Baylay - Office Manager
Picture 2 Mrs K. Harrison - Class Teacher & SENCo
Picture 3 Miss N. Clewes - Class Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs T. Rushton - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Miss B. Norbury - Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs A. Howard - Chaplain