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Class 2

Welcome back!

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back! I hope that you have all had the most wonderful break over the Easter holidays. We’re looking forward to hearing all about their fun, games and excursions that they have enjoyed over the holidays. We will be welcoming some new students this half term so that will be extremely nice and I hope they settle in very well indeed. This term we have the SATs for Year 2 so I hope that you are ready to go and have been working super hard over the break. We’ll be doing some work towards it over the next few weeks so try not to worry about them just do your very, very best!


The aim of this letter is to explain some important things to help us all through the upcoming term. Please note that lots of the information will be available on our school website:


This coming term our Curriculum Vehicle will be focusing on The Great Fire of London and vehicles.




In our English lessons this term we will be continuously recapping our basic skills, with a real push on our handwriting, pencil grip and presentation – which will not just be a focus in English lessons, but across all of our subjects. We will expand our descriptive language and move on to more interesting phrases and word classes, in order to make our sentences more exciting! The children will also be looking at new ways to extend sentences and will be introduced to different types of conjunctions. The texts we will focus on are: Bubbles, The Magic Finger and The Dark whilst also exploring recounts and information texts. I am looking forward to seeing some beautiful work this term and to see the children using all of their learning to produce some fantastic English pieces.


Our reading will still be led by Read, Write, Inc and children will continue to improve their fluency throughout the term. Please remember that it is policy to read with your children each night – don’t forget to write in their diary so that we can see how they are getting on.




Year 1

Whilst we will be moving away from Number, Place Value and Addition and Subtraction, length, weight and numbers to 50 this term, we will still be recapping it each lesson, as well as through homework activities. Our new learning in Maths will be Multiplication, Division, Position and Direction, Halves and quarters, numbers to 100, money and 2D and 3D shape. Lots to pack in, so best be ready and raring to go!


Year 2

Whilst we will be moving away from Statistics, 2D and 3D shape, multiplication, division, length and height, we will still be recapping it each lesson, as well as through homework activities. Our new learning in Maths will be Multiplication, Division, Position and Direction, Fractions, Weight, Volume and Temperature. Again, lots to pack in, so best be ready and raring to go!


SATs –Year 2 will be taking their SATs in May so please prepare the children as best you can. Make sure they are familiar with their times tables and the four operations. Do lots and lots of recap to help and support and give them guidance to make sure that they are okay and ready for them without feeling too nervous!


In RE we will dive in to the importance of Easter, Pentecost, Our Church, The Mass and Special Celebrations. During this term it would be lovely to be able to attend Mass together in person, so will keep you posted further on this as time goes on.



Our Science units this term will be Seasonal Changes and Everyday Materials.


The Great Fire of London 1666

Our History unit this term is all about the Great Fire of London! We will learn about the significant impact it had on London and the people. We will learn the cause of the fire, what happened during the fire, the roles played by significant people at that time and how the city was rebuilt afterwards. 


Geography will give a focus on maps and looking at our local area.



Through our Art lessons this term we will be looking closely at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We look at what a sculptor is and how he has developed his work alongside his photography.

Design and Technology

Our Design and Technology work this term will centre around Mechanical Structures, wheels and axles and this will link in very nicely with our History unit as the aim of the overall unit is to: Design, make and evaluate a moving vehicle; fire truck.



PE will cover Striking, Fielding and Target Games for the first half term and then followed by Striking, Fielding and Athletics in the second half of term.  Please remember that PE kits should be in school every day – these will be left in the boxes throughout the week when they are not being used.


Our Computing lessons this term will be driven by Purple Mash. The children will also focus on Making Music, Spreadsheets, Pictograms and Presenting Ideas. There is always a continued focus on Online Safety throughout the terms.


A few more important things for this upcoming term:

  • Please ensure that your child is reading as much as possible, as this is especially important at this stage in their learning. This should be written in the child’s diary each night as these are checked each day by myself and Miss Cartwright
  • To allow lots of different activities to commence I will be asking and liaising via Class Dojo for any items the children might need to bring in. Please keep looking and checking as it is the easiest form of communication for such things
  • We will be continuing with our recorders this term and although I worried that my ears wouldn’t thank me – they’re actually pretty good!
  • Please remember that, along with Class Dojo, diaries are a key form of communication between yourselves and us – if you wish to speak to me directly then please get in touch through the school office.
  • Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and due in the following Monday. Year 2 children’s Homework will be issued at SATs booster club so that it is purposeful to the learning they have completed that session and also there will be additional questions to complete each night during the lead up to SATs to keep their minds fresh on the four operations.
  •  It might be the case that some Homework will be set via Purple Mash, however you will be made aware of this via Class Dojo.
  • TIMES TABLE chanting and rehearsing is an absolute MUST, please ensure they you are chanting these with the children as often as possible such as: in the car journey to school, in the bath etc.

The following information is imperative for the children to know and learn:

  • Year 1: Children learn to count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Year 2: Students start to recognise odd and even numbers, they'll also remember and use division and multiplication facts for the tables learned in year 1.

As always, thank you all for your continued support with your children – we really could not do it without you!


Many thanks,

Mrs Riley and Miss Cartwright

Class 2