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Class 3

Pharaohs and Pyramids



History - Learning all about mummification




Classroom Information


  • Your Class timetable is below - this may be subject to change.
  • Your weekly spellings, for both Year 3 and Year 4, are on the website - as this saves on children losing them and the environment. These will be tested weekly.
  • Homework is now via Century Tech. Please ensure the children complete the set 'nuggets'.
  • Homework allocation timings:
  • Year 3 - 30 minutes for Maths - 30 minutes for English - weekly spellings  - Reading 5 times
  • Year 4 - 40 minutes for Maths - 40 minutes for English - weekly spellings  -  Reading 5 times
  • PE is on a Friday morning with Mrs Norbury - Please ensure that PE kits are brought in and taken home on the same day. Currently, we would like PE kits not to be kept in school. Children will need both indoor and outdoor kits to accompany the weather.
  • Children will be provided with their own pencil case and equipment in school. We ask that they do not bring in their own until further notice.
  • The new Year 3 children are used to having fruit provided when they were in Class 2  - they will need to bring in their own healthy snacks for break time in Class 3.



If you have any further questions  - please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing and teaching you all in the new academic term.

Mrs Riley


Just a little note for your reference - Mrs Riley likes cake! xxxxx

Class 3 Timetable