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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!




Welcome to our Class Page! 


Important days to remember each week:


Monday - PE kits should be in school. Homework hand in day.

Wednesday - Homework is given out.

Friday - PE kits can go home to be washed ready for Monday. 


Due to the nature of our RWI spelling scheme, spelling tests take place at the end of the unit. This could last a week or a few days dependent on how the children are getting on. Please ensure your child learns the 'spelling patter/rule' when the spellings come home each week. 


Reading is an important life skill. Please ensure you read with your child at least 5 times a week and sign their diary. 


Times-tables underpin so much of the Maths in key stage two. Please ensure your child learns the times-table they have been set. A quiz is given every 2-3 weeks to allow the children time to learn them at speed. To ensure they do not forget any times-tables, please spend time of TTrockstars each week. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns,


Miss Blood

Spring Term Learning


At The Faber we follow Power Maths, White Rose Edition. The children make fantastic progress through this scheme, taking small steps to ensure Mastery of each Unit before we move on.

Year 3 Spring Learning:

Year 4 Spring Learning:


In June the year four children will take the MTC - Multiplication Checks. This is an online test where children have six seconds per question, 25 questions, based on their mental knowledge of the times tables. 




In English this term, children will have a range of opportunities to write in a variety of genres and different view points. Children will explore their drama skills to immerse themselves in their character and plot, while having great fun in the process! 


Children will model a detailed writing process in their own writes, beginning with analysis of the genre, followed by exploring the grammatical skills that will add to the genre's effect, then moving on to a detailed writing experience, including drafting, editing and publishing their writing. 


A large part of our writing will include the exploration of language, encouraging the children to develop a depth of language that adds to effect and meaning in both fictional and non-fiction writing. 


Reading is essential to the writing process. We will have regular opportunities to read for pleasure, read for understanding - through comprehension, and read for fluency during our guided reading sessions. 



Moses and the old testament

In this unit the children will study some important stories about Moses and God’s relationship with the people of Israel. They will also learn about the life of King David. Through this unit children will be introduced to some images of God associated with these stories and also some important religious themes such as prayer and vocation which arise from this study.



In this unit the children will explore some of the customs and practices associated with the celebration of the Season of Lent. Through the life and teaching of Christ they will learn about prayer, fasting and almsgiving and the forgiveness that God offers to those who believe in him.


Holy Week




We will be learning how to input data into spread sheets and how to create formula. We will be making this data into graphs. 


We will learn about how the internet is a series of networks. We will learn how to be safe on the internet. 



We will be learning about Sound followed by Rocks.



Through the study of North America, we will learn to:

How to locate North America on a map.

Identifying the countries of North America.

Exploring the Rocky Mountains range.

The effects of the Mt St Helen’s eruption.

Comparing the landscapes of US states.

Comparing New York with where we live.

  • Significant features ( Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon)
  • Climate zones
  • Features in Mexico and Canada
  • Comparison of Florida Disney and Alton Towers




We will be studying Ancient Egypt - their way of live and how they became such an amazing civilization. 


Design and Technology 

We will begin the term making sling shot cars - who's will go the furthest? 




Our Artist will be Stephen Wiltshire. He drew cityscapes often from memory! We will use his techinques to create our own cityscape. 



We will learn how to talk about our Family and pets in Spanish. 



In PSHE the children will have further opportunities to explore our Catholic Values that are the backbone to our school mission. 


The children will reflect on effective relationships, considering healthy communication, the role of citizenship and their health and well-being when opening exploring their thoughts and feelings. 

The Kapow scheme of work and the TenTen scheme will be followed during many of our PSHE sessions. 



We will be using Charanga to 'compose' our own music. 




We will be looking a t fundamental skills that the children need for all sports. Our indoor PE will be Gymnastics - looking at movement, balance and creating a sequence. 


DT - Our Book Sleeve Project

STEM day at Cosford

Class Liturgy

Maths in Action


DT - Food Technology - Biscuit Project

DT - Slingshot Cars