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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Miss Clewes, Miss Ridge and Mrs Gerrard


Welcome back! I hope that you all have had a wonderful Easter! I know that we are all really looking forward to some wonderful weather and time outside!


The aim of this letter is to explain some important things to help us all through the upcoming summer term. Please note that lots of the information will is available on our school website:



The summer term will continue our work on and revise the methods for all four operations.  As we move through the term, we will be securing our knowledge on fractions and decimals (Y4 decimals)  We will also be having lots of fun learning about money, telling the time and boosting our knowledge on statistics.

We will continue to use different equipment and different representations to strengthen and really deepen our understanding. 


We will also be having a focus on fluency and instant recall of our times tables and number bonds.  Throughout all of this we will be doing lots of talking about maths, learning and using mathematical vocabulary.


Please keep encouraging your child to practise times tables at home – if the children know their times tables securely it helps them with their wider maths learning.  Year 3 revises and secures the 2x, 10 and 5x tables and then moves onto 3x, 4x and 8x tables.  The aim is for instant recall!  (Realistically, ‘instant’ means 3 seconds or less!!!)

Your child’s Times Table Rockstar login details have not changed.  The website is also a really useful tool to boost your child’s timetable recall.





We will start the summer term by exploring the fabulous book Varjak Paw. This will give us an opportunity to really explore the use of vivid vocabulary and description as well as some inspiration for writing non-fiction texts. 

In addition to studying this text, the children will continue to work on their personal writing projects in which they are able to select their own ideas for writing, the genre and the intended audience.

We will continue to have a focus on spelling, handwriting and grammar. Handwriting is an area that we are particularly focussing on; ensuring that children are forming all letters correctly using a cursive letter formation.




RE units for the Summer term will include Pentecost and Easter, Sharing in the life of Christ and Special roles and responsibilities. We will also be taking part in liturgies and attending mass in school.



In Art we will be learning about the famous British sculptor, Henry Moore.  We will look at samples of his work and consider what inspired him.  We will be using a range of media to experiment with tone, form and texture, before creating our own clay sculptures.  In addition to this, we will continue to celebrate diversity in art by learning about the work of the French female artist Louise Bourgeois and the Japanese botanical sculptor, Azuma Makoto.



P.E. continues to be on Wednesday and Friday.  PE kits must stay in school during term time, but will be sent home at half term to be washed.   All children should have shorts and T-shirts, with joggers and sweatshirts available in case of cooler weather.  Please ensure girls have a pair of socks in their PE bags as they will not be allowed to wear tights during a PE lesson.

Units include rounders and athletics.



In Music, we will be considering the question ‘How does music shape our way of life?’  We will think about how music can play a part in our daily lives.  We continue to develop our understanding of the elements of music, focussing particularly upon notes and feelings.  We will listen to and evaluate music from a range of styles.  We will learn a variety of songs and use tuned percussion to add accompaniment. 




This term, our science will include two units of work this term.  An exciting unit of work on ‘Animals including Humans will be taught by the specialist science teacher, Miss Swinson, on Mondays.  This unit will be taught focussing on different areas. These will include nutrition, skeletons and muscles and the digestive system and teeth, plus food chains.



In computing we will be exploring the units of Animation, Effective Search and Hardware Investigators.



Our Geography for this term will be all about Place Knowledge, Geographical skills & Field Work in the United Kingdom..




In History we are going to travel back in time to the Viking period. We will develop our questioning skills as we find out where the Vikings came from and why they invaded. We will look at different raids and address the Viking stereotype that Vikings are blood-thirsty warriors




In D&T we will be exploring what a healthy diet looks like and how we can use this knowledge to add healthy ingredients to a pizza!



Our Spanish is continuing to be taught by our specialist teacher!



The RHE work for this term will start with a unit of work on Online Safety and finally moving onto Our Church and the Community.



  • The school day starts at 8:40 a.m. and finishes at 3:30p.m.
  • Please remember that PE kit should be in school every day – this will be left on children’s pegs. Our PE days for this term are Wednesday and Friday.
  • Please ensure that your child is reading as much as possible, as this is especially important at this stage in their learning. This should be written in the child’s diary each night as these are checked each day by a member of staff.
  • Please remember that, along with Class Dojo, diaries are a key form of communication between yourselves and us – if you wish to speak to us directly then please get in touch through the school office.
  • Homework for Maths and English will be given out separately. Maths homework will be given out on a Wednesday to be handed in on a Monday and English homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in on a Wednesday. Most homework will involve discussion and an explanation, as well as some optional ideas to complete as a family!
  • Snacks and Water Bottles – Children in Key Stage 2 are not supplied with free fruit.  Children may bring in a piece of fruit from home. 
  • All children need to bring in a bottle of water to have available in class throughout the day.

Please do let us know if there is anything going on at home that will affect your child’s learning, or if you have any questions.  If you have any messages to pass on either catch us on the yard or pop a message onto Class Dojo.  Alternatively, you can telephone the school office who will pass a message on to us for you. 


Thank you for your continuing support.