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Welcome to Class 4!

Mr. Allen

Autumn Term 2023

Class 4 continue to shine! As the eldest in the school, Class 4 pupils are called to lead by example by living our virtues each and every day. We strive to GROW IN FAITH TOGETHER as we look beyond ourselves and take our place in The Faber Family.


Learning in Class 4


Pupils will learn about Safety and the changing body and citizenship.


This term we will be studying The story of the People of God, Followers of Christ, Prayers in the lives of the followers of Christ and Advent . We will be learning about these through Gospel readings, artists interpretations and discovering how we can use these teachings in our lives today.  We also look forward to Mass and our weekly Gospel assemblies.




In English, we will use a variety of texts to inspire our writing. We will fine-tune our writing in the genres of: Instructional writing, narrative settings, non-chronological reports and persuasive writing.



Every child will be given a reading book from our reading scheme. It is imperative that children read at home as it stimulates imagination and expands their understanding of the world. Children should read for 30 minutes each night and have their reading records signed. Children change their reading books when necessary and we ensure we hear them read at school and monitor their reading carefully on a one-to-one basis and during their guided reading sessions.



We are continuing to follow the robust Read Write Inc. Spelling scheme, which the children are finding engaging and fun! Once the children have been introduced to the weekly spelling pattern, they complete interactive and written activities to consolidate these and words that are more challenging to each individual are logged in their reading record to learn at home.



Year 5 will begin the term with perimeter and area before moving on to graphs and tables, geometry, measure and graphs / tables. We will also continue to practice our multiplication tables and basic arithmetic.


Year 6 will learn about place value, calculations involving the 4 operations, fractions and metric / imperial measures.

Both year groups will use and apply their skills to solve word problems set in different real-life contexts. Pupils should continue to practice their times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.


We are very fortunate this year to have our specialist teacher from Painsley to teach us science, Miss Swinson. In the Summer term the children will be studying: Materials and their properties as well as living things.



In history, we will be studying 'Crime and punishment'History comes alive as we delve into the intriguing topic of crime and punishment, exploring how societies have dealt with lawbreakers throughout the ages.



Our Geography unit this term is...

Rainforests: Let's embark on a virtual journey to the lush and diverse world of rainforests, discovering their unique ecosystems and importance in our global environment.


Pupils will be taught Spanish this year by Señora McKenna, a specialist teacher from Painsley.



We are very fortunate this year to have our specialist teacher from Painsley to teach us computing, Mr.Johnson.



Our art focus is drawing, where we will be exploring the work of the famous French artist Rodin, whose work will inspire their artistic impressions and creativity. 



In technology, we will be designing our own mouth-watering 3 course meal which we will then prepare and task as we all become chefs for the term!




We are continuing to use the Charanga scheme, and our first unit is 'Music and Technology' 



This term, we are very excited to start our swimming again. The class will have a swimming lesson every Wednesday afternoon until Christmas! Other units of PE such as Tag Rugby and Hockey will be fitted in around this. 



Homework tasks will be set on a Wednesday and need to be completed and handed in (or submitted) by Monday.  (If tasks are completed earlier than this, they may be handed in of course.)  A Maths and English homework will be set weekly, usually on Century Tech. Logins for this will be shared with the children during the first few weeks back.

Please encourage your child to do extra practice on multiplication tables and number bonds EVERY week, as recall speed still needs to be improved.


Homework based on the other subjects will be set as required.

Pupils should read for 30 minutes a day and this must be recorded in their diary.  Reading really does enrich the mind and has proved to have a great impact on progress.  Thank you for your continued support in this area.



Thank you for your continued support. If you have any worries or queries, please send a message in the home school diary or contact me through Class Dojo. I will do my best to answer your queries as soon as I can.

Our Fantastic Volcanoes

Year 5 and Year 6 Prayers to Learn

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