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RE Curriculum

The Faber's RE Curriculum statement

Intent, Implementation and Impact of RE at The Faber



It is my intention, as RE leader at The Faber, to see our mission and vision embedded across the RE curriculum. This sits alongside the Gospel Values which are inextricably linked through everything we teach.


It is also my intention that pupils at The Faber will enjoy their RE lessons and they will not be seen as a way of either promoting the Catholic faith exclusively, nor for them to be something in which they are purely 'taught'. RE lessons should be faith-filled, enjoyable lessons where each child feels they belong to our school community and not excluded because they are not Catholic. Lessons should be places where everyone is respected for their beliefs and expressions of faith, but where ultimately, they all achieve. Using the subject specialists in RE from Painsley Catholic Academy we plan for outstanding progress.

These intentions fall in line with our mission of Faber: FAITH, ACHIEVE, BELONG, ENJOY AND RESPECT.




We are a Catholic school, and proud of that fact.. The Catholicity of the school underpins what we do everyday. This also directs us, with the help of God and the Archdiocese, to implement an RE curriculum whereby the Catholic faith permeates everything we do. We ensure that families are supported in bringing their children up in the Catholic faith and we provide a well-rounded Catholic education.

For RE we follow the Archdiocese's 'Learning and growing in the love of God' books as a scaffold for planning and coverage- in our mixed age classes we run these on a two-year rolling cycle.




As a multi-academy company we are fortunate to be able to call on the support of 15 other RE leads and specialist teachers, in addition to the support we receive from the Archdiocese. Through moderation of planning, lessons and books, we can be sure that progress is made across all year groups. If progress is not being made, support is immediate and steps provided to ensure all pupils achieve and make progress.

Evidence of impact in RE is not just collated through books. All our pupils contribute to collective worship and catholic life.