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WOW days

Each half term we enjoy a special type of day to inspire our young people-

we call these our WOW days!!!!

All WOW days vary-

their focus linked with the targets from our school development plan for the current year.


Autumn 1

The day the gorilla came to Faber!!!!

All was going well when Mrs Baylay interrupted assembly demanding loudly (via walkie talkie) to see Mrs Machin immediately. The pupils knew something serious must have occurred. And so began a day of strange, unusual happenings which the children just couldn't put their finger on:

Class 1 classroom had been trashed, footprints were in the sand and noises were heard on the roof

class 2 heard strange noises coming from outside, banging on their window and an unusually large, black creature passing by

class 3 heard a rattling of the gate, handprints appeared on their windows

class 4 were informed of- and saw-the broken padlock which Mr Cope had replaced, had lessons interrupted by other teachers who were becoming increasingly worried about the strange goings on in school

pupils practised a lockdown drill (just in case they ever needed it the teachers said)

The fire and rescue turned up and gave an assembly on staying safe

police tape was put up around certain outbuildings

Mrs Machin called an impromptu assembly...but eventually, the secret was out- there had been a gorilla at Faber.

A wonderful term's work followed linked with this event.


Autumn 2

Andy Tooze the poet

Andy Tooze visits school for the day to inspire our pupils with his poetry.

Andy was chosen because he was more than an author- he was a poet- and male.

We had a fabulous day and produced some amazing poetry as a result.


Spring 1

Dickens' Day

Oh what fun we had- dressing up as Dickensian characters from 'A Christmas carol' watching the pantomime 'A Grumpy Old Scrooge' and studying Dickens' famous novella.

See our costumes on our website home page!!!


Spring 2

Michael Morpurgo

In order to celebrate Morpurgo day we each focused on a Morpurgo book for this half term.


Summer 1

Scartoons Day with a cartoonist- Simon Chubb

Simon came in for the whole day to share his passion for cartoons. We all drew some amazing cartoons and a storyboard containing new cartoon characters. These storyboards will form the basis of some extended narrative story writing this half term.


Summer 2

Oh my- what a WOW day we have planned for this half term- we can't wait!!!!!!

Watch this space................