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Wonderful Work

A fabulous piece of writing by Monty.
Emma's amazing poem!
Freya Jones learning about capacity.
Harrison's fantastic repeated poem!
Alfie's sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.
Freya's amazing shape poem!
Nancy's sentence work.
Logan Gregory's diagram of the Plant Cycle!
Travis using play dough to make equal groups.
Abigail made a house for Ted to live in!
Lucy's D&T house for Ted!
Emma's amazing shape poem!
Travis's Rainbow House!
Bethany's Shape Poem!
Noah learning about Ancient Greece.
Marley and Florence's prayer.
Marni's Prayer.
Harry Cope- learning a little extra Italian!
Jacob's COVID time graph.
Marley's learning about days, weeks and months.
Noah's diorama task for making a Greek scene.
Jonas Mullington's Gaudi architecture artwork!
Chloe completing her multiplication work.
Logan using Lego to learn about arrays
Abigail wrote a thoughtful prayer
 Ava has been busy drawing a wild habitat!
Alfie has been baking buns
Alfie has built his own factory
Alfie used potato prints for grouping
Travis being creative when learning onomatopoeia!
Lewis sharing his cars
Emma received an important reply!
Chloe Oakden's vibrant doodle art!
Harrison's bright and bold doodle art!
Abigail's superb doodle art!
Alfie's healthy meal!