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The Faber Catholic Primary School

'Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy'

Wonderful Work

Picture 1 A fabulous piece of writing by Monty.
Picture 2 Emma's amazing poem!
Picture 3 Freya Jones learning about capacity.
Picture 4 Harrison's fantastic repeated poem!
Picture 5 Alfie's sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.
Picture 6 Freya's amazing shape poem!
Picture 7 Nancy's sentence work.
Picture 8 Logan Gregory's diagram of the Plant Cycle!
Picture 9 Travis using play dough to make equal groups.
Picture 10 Abigail made a house for Ted to live in!
Picture 11 Lucy's D&T house for Ted!
Picture 12 Emma's amazing shape poem!
Picture 13 Travis's Rainbow House!
Picture 14 Bethany's Shape Poem!
Picture 15 Noah learning about Ancient Greece.
Picture 16 Marley and Florence's prayer.
Picture 17 Marni's Prayer.