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Excellent Remote Learning

Parent Feedback

87% of parents feel that their child has settled into a good routine for remote learning.

97% of parents feel that we have clearly explained how to access remote learning.

94% feel that the school continues to have high expectations for its students during this period.

100% of parents feel that there is a good range of subjects covered by our remote learning.

84% of parents would recommend The Faber's remote learning to other parents.


"Thank you, from day 1 of lockdown you have demonstrated a massive commitment to
ensuring our children continue to get the best education in current circumstances. Well


"Thank you for the time and dedication you have all put into planning and implementing home
learning for all of the children at Faber. I appreciate the technical difficulties you must have
faced and the lack of time you have had to gain the resources and provisions for this term
of remote teaching, however, I am truly proud of Faber and how you have continued to
support all of the children and ensured their well-being and education. Thank you for all of
your efforts, hard work and support during such a challenging time in education. It is truly


"An incredible effort yet again from all the Faber staff to ensure our children access excellent
live lessons and super resources for independent tasks."