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20:20 for Mary

We smashed it!

£120,000 raised for Mary's Meals!   Thank you so much for all your support.  Read the full story on our news page.

A message of thanks from Mary's Meals Founder and Global Chief Executive, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

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20:20 for Mary


This academic year we are joining forces with our other MAC schools in a huge and exciting fundraising campaign.

Our aim is to raise £100,000 for a charity called Mary's meals.

Mary's meals provides meals for school children in third world countries- and in turn this means they can attend school.


At the Faber we are aiming to raise £20 per child by February, and then another £20 by July.

Our combined efforts will mean that we will feed all the children in a whole school for 7 years at Kafumfe School, Malawi.


In the gospel of 29th September we learn about the rich man and Lazarus- at the Faber, we realised that we are all like the rich man- we have so much more than others and we need to do something good with it.


Please join us on our journey as we raise the much needed funds- it's going to be fun!!! Check out our display board, our newsletters and our facebook page for more information.

Over the past few weeks a few of our children have started their fundraising in earnest.

There have been cake sales, a sponsored silence and an early morning sponsored swim before school. We are very proud of all our children.


This giving fits in beautifully with our Extraordinary Month of Mission this October. One of the four main aims of mission is to , "Increase support of overseas mission", and we are doing jut that.


Rosary Club

As part of our extraordinary month of mission the Rosary group have been living out one of it's 4 main aims, "To encourage a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer."

We have met every day and completed a whole Rosary, dedicated each day to a different Mystery.

It has been amazing.